Retro Wax Canvas Bicycle Saddle Bag Seat Tail Phone Pouch Cycling Accessories Bike Equipment

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Looking for a vintage style saddle bag without spending a fortune? Our  Wax Canvas Bicycle Saddle Bag will fit the bill. After installing the saddle bag and using it for a tight away, you will be very pleased with the build quality and versatility. Its very water resistant but just incase you are caught in a torrential downpour you will find everything the in bag will be dry when you arrive at your destination.

The fabric is very thick and the seams are covered over inside the bag. The leather straps and buckles are substantial and very well finished. It is able to be adjusted so that it will not wiggle around while riding. Most customers will purchase a second one for existing bikes. It is also super spacious without being bulky.

The amount of internal room available to place personal items such as wallet, phone, keys etc is not bulky or overly large, but it works nonetheless albeit with somewhat of a snug fit.

Easy to install and fits and looks perfect.

Material: Water Resistant Wax Canvas 
Color: Tan
Weight: 0.38lb
Size: 20*11.5*8.5cm
Usage: Bike Storage
Lining: Cotton Nylon

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