Wax Canvas Vintage Bike Panniers Bicycle Handlebar Bag water resistant

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Wax Canvas Vintage Bike Panniers Bicycle Handlebar Bag Accessories

For the price range, this is one of the nicest looking bags you can get. The materials look good and feel solid, and it looks real sharp. Made of quality waxed water resistant canvas & real leather it's perfect for most  essentials needed for any outing. 

The straps are also quite firm, with very little "play" to help ensure it easily fits exactly where you want it to. It fits a small water bottle, cell phone, house key, small universal bike tool, chapstick, and a credit card or cash! Perfect size for your bike, easy to setup with great quality that looks awesome .

Function: Water resistant handle bar case
Type: Bicycle Handlebar Bag
Material: Canvas and Leather
Color: Tan
Weight: 5.9 ounces
Size: 10"x 8"
Usage: Bike storage
Package: Bag with strap

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